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Tacoma, WA 98406

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  1. The best place to start is your classroom teacher. Find contact information in the staff directory.
  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.
Delores Beason Interim Principal

Susan O'Leary Office Coordinator 253-571-7145  
Christina Ethengain Office Secretary 253-571-7150  
Joy Korff Success Program 253-571-7117  
Chandra Stead Success Program Assistant 253-571-7117  
Jaime Willet Success Program Assistant 253-571-7117  
Valentina Rybalka Headstart Family Advocate 253-571-7115  
Patricia Hagerty Headstart Teacher 253-571-7116  
Craig Wickes Headstart Classroom Assistant 253-571-7116  
Jessica Bracken Headstart Classroom Assistant 253-571-7116  
Laura Kroll Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-7123 Website 
Tara Fouts Kindergarten Teacher 253-571-7118  
Wendy Dicroce 1st Grade Teacher 253-571-7113  
Theresa Hamilton 1st Grade Teacher 253-571-7112  
Carie Tomilinson 2nd Grade Teacher 253-571-7109 Website 
Rainbow Dickerson-Leech 2nd Grade Teacher    
Cristina Burk 3rd Grade Teacher 253-571-7108 Website 
Ashley (Rosanne) White 3rd Grade Teacher 253-571-7107  
Karly Druzianich 4th Grade Teacher 253-571-7102 Website 
Karen Barnes 5th Grade Teacher 253-571-7105 Website 
Stacy McDougall 5th Grade Teacher 253-571-7103 Website 
Stacy Amsden Instructional Coach 253-571-7120 Website 
Elizabeth Rigoulot Counselor 253-571-7106 Website 
Angie Lindenmayer Psychologist 253-571-7122  
Andrea Borell LRC Teacher 253-571-7104  
Jodi Zuniga LAP Teacher 253-571-7101 Website 
Jodi Jensen Librarian 253-571-7137 Website 
Jesse Roberson P.E. Teacher 253-571-7111 Website 
TBD Music Teacher   253-571-7128  
Alicia Kuper Speech Therapist 253-571-7127 Website 
TBD Occupational Therapist   253-571-7129  
Rhonda Martin Physical Therapist 253-571-7129  
Laurie Aliabadi School Nurse 253-571-7142  
Jennifer Tsai Health Assistant 253-571-7142  
Kimberly Allen Kitchen staff 253-571-7125  
Rebecca Tachell Kitchen Staff 253-571-7125  
Tammy McIntosh Educational Assistant    
Mary Rawlings Crossing Guard/Recess Duty    
Linda Queree Crossing Guard/Recess Duty    
Dayshon Johnson Chief Custodian 253-571-7130  
Dan Schulenberg Night Custodian 253-571-7130  
Svetlana Gaidarji Night Custodian 253-571-7130